Transforming lives through dance

Making dreams come true,
one dance step at a time...

Who We Are

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing exceptional artistic education for talented children from underdeveloped areas in Colombia.

Our Vision:
To nurture the artistic talents of children from underprivileged areas, empowering them to become accomplished artists, influential leaders, and responsible global citizens.  

Our Mission:
To provide high-level artistic education to talented children from underdeveloped areas, enabling them to develop their skills and abilities, gain access to international scholarships, and broaden their horizons.  



Johana Vasquez  

 What We Do  

Helping children reach their
full potential

 our team 

Meet our team members! 

Sandra Hurtado


Yimy Lasso

Program Director

Jefferson Benjumea

Artistic Director


Social Media Content

Sergio Paez

Marketing Team

Leonardo Quintero

Dance Instructors

Duvan Granja

Dance Instructors

Rodrigo García Ocampo

Legal Adviser

Jose Espanol


Johana Vasquez



Get Involved  

Learn about other ways to support us! 

The Power of Collaborative Fundraising

You can make a difference by organizing charity fundraisers! There are many ways you can help us raise funds to support our mission. Let’s Plan an event together, we believe in the power of working together.

Make a difference in the lives of talented children by volunteering at The We Dance Foundation

As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to apply your professional skills to help improve the organization. Together we will teach children dance and life skills, help organize events and activities, and be part of a community that is passionate and committed to the same cause. Become part of us!

Tickets Gala Night

With the We Dance Gala Night we intend to raise the funds needed to continue growing our project and make of our organization a sustainable one. 

Our long term goal which is to become a performing arts school and thus develop the educational project that will impact children from vulnerable areas in Colombia by providing artistic education, cultural exchanges and educational scholarships abroad.

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